Yoga Prana Healing Courses

Learn from us for Healing, Prosperity and Spirituality

Healing is an invaluable art. Once it is learned, it empowers a person to come out of any circumstance without any fear. It teaches a person how to live life beautifully. Yoga Prana energy healing courses are very simple to understand and practice.

Level – II

Duration: 2 full days / 16 hours
Pre-requisite: Level I

In advanced prana healing you will learn how to utilize color prana for quicker, more effective healing results by using one’s intention and certain visualization techniques, you can project colour prana to the patient to produce more effective Healing results.

There are methods to activate the immune system and defense mechanism, to heal wounds and burns rapidly, to rapidly energize the entire body techniques for preventive Healing and instructive Healing.

Some of other skills taught in advanced Yoga Prana Healing

  • You will learn to use the right proportion, color combination.
  • You will learn to interpret and express more quickly and effectively the correction of imbalances in energy field patterns.
  • You will learn Rapid Healing of Wounds, Cleansing of the Internal Organs, Cleansing the Blood and other techniques to boost the immune system.
  • You will learn to help accelerate healing and recovery by influencing and reprogramming the consciousness of diseased cell and organs.
  • You will learn High-Level energetic methods of enhancing the bodies healing. Techniques for working on AIDS, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes and other severe ailments.
Yoga Prana Vidya

Yoga Prana Vidya

Listen n Meditate

Planetary Peace Meditation (H)

Planetary Peace Meditation (E)

Forgiveness Sadhna (H)

Rhythmic Breathing (H)

Rhythmic Breathing (E)