Yoga Prana Healing Courses

Learn from us for Healing, Prosperity and Spirituality

Healing is an invaluable art. Once it is learned, it empowers a person to come out of any circumstance without any fear. It teaches a person how to live life beautifully. Yoga Prana energy healing courses are very simple to understand and practice.

Level – IV

Duration: 1 day / 8 hours
Pre-requisite: level 3

Harness the power of Mother Earth’s precious gifts. Use Crystal Power to enhance your Healing ability, spirituality and prosperity.

Some of the other skills you will learn

  • Quickly extract negative emotions and diseased energies from the aura.
  • Activate & revitalize your chakras.
  • Scientifically use the Color Prana.
  • Energies of Color Crystals for Rapid Healing , proper laying of crystals for anchoring specific energies.
  • Using special crystals like obsidians to absorb & divert psychic attack.
  • Why wearing the wrong crystals/gem stones could cause financial hardships.
  • Why wearing certain crystals/gem stones could draw psychic attack to yourself.
Yoga Prana Vidya

Yoga Prana Vidya

Listen n Meditate

Planetary Peace Meditation (H)

Planetary Peace Meditation (E)

Forgiveness Sadhna (H)

Rhythmic Breathing (H)

Rhythmic Breathing (E)