A very small word Forgiveness, but with very deeper and big meaning. You must have come across people saying that I can easily forgive people and let go. We don’t hold any negative feeling against anyone. But are they actually telling you the truth.

How to find out that you have forgiven people or people have forgiven you.



Answer to this simple question is ask your self or you may think about the same person with whom you think you are upset. If you don’t feel anything for that same person, that means you have actually forgiven that person. And you have moved own. 

Now answer for the other part – When the person who was not having a good relationship with you start talking to you in a normal manner and stop troubling you, this means that person has released all negative connection between you and that person.


Now sometimes we are in a situation where we cant go and say sorry to that person for what we did to him. Now how to seek forgiveness. Sharing a very simple technique for people who are stuck in these kind of situation.

Say the person names whom you have hurted knowingly or unknowingly. Than say I salute the divinity in you. We are all children of God, children of most high we all are evolving we all make mistakes I seek sincere forgiveness from you. Than bless that person saying May your life be blessed with Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, May peace be upon you. 

Than chant Om shanti Shamti Shanti Om (x 6 times) 

Than say I release, I let go and imagine that a knife is cutting all negative connections between you and that person.

Same technique can be applied for forgiving some one and to forgive yourself. You may also practice it with the recording on the website for forgiveness.

By practicing forgiveness you feel you have become lighter as you release you stress and negative connection. Also as it is said it is in giving that you receive. If you can forgive others only than you will be forgiven for all your mistakes done by you. Forgiveness is important part of purification and for our development.