Generosity & Non Stealing

Generosity & Non Stealing

Be generous, be helpful to people. But in this you have to be smart. Share your knowledge generously but only with people who are worthy enough to understand and be thankful to what you have shared. Never share things with people who don’t respect.


Non stealing mean not to steal anything in any form. Don’t steal someone’s credit like If you have not done any particular work , but people are praising you for that work. Be generous enough to tell that you have not done that work. Don’t use pirated Cd’s, DVD, Software it is also form of stealing.



In this law of karma comes into action if you are using pirated software or watching movies using pirated software’s it is like stealing someone’s work. People have spend there energy and time in making a movie. When people watch it at there home using pirated software’s they are stealing there profit. So if someone else also does the same to them by stealing there project or anything than they should not crib that why this happened to them.

Don’t steal someone’s relationship like boyfriend or friend or husband or wife. This also creates negative karma. For example X introduced you to his friend Y,but now you and Y have become very good friends and now you don’t like Y talking to X so this is also a form of stealing.

Generate good karma by

  • Donate/Tithe 10% net income for prosperity.
  • Be warm and supportive.
  • Accept people as they are & see thru eye of love. (Babies grow at their own rate, no point getting agitated.)
  • Helping people in need.
  • Learn to forgive, do charitable acts. Do tithing or donation for charitable and spiritual purposes (10% net income). Also, do service e.g. healing, organizing meditation
  • Tithing to Parents, Guru, workers & the one in real need is like planting in the fertile soil.