Healing at Distance

Healing at Distance

In healing at a distance, the healer heals the patient who is away from him. The healing happens irrespective of the distance between the healer and the patient.

For Example – When we speak on mobile, tone remains the same whether person is in next room or in some other country as long as connectivity is good. Just because someone is at a distance, we do not shout on the mobile to communicate. Similarly, in this healing, the distance between the healer and patient does not matter.

Concept on which healing at a distance is based on “Energy Follows Thought.” Energy can be directed just by forming an intention.

Also another concept on Healing at a distance is that we are all interconnected.Our energy bodies are part of the Earth’s energy Body. Therefore, all are interconnected.  We can channel energy to anyone.

Therefore, there is a possibility of connectivity or exchange of information among people. However, we connect ONLY BY CHOICE.

We do not communicate to everyone, but only to the one we want to..