Stress or tension manifests as malfunctioning of the chakra. Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. You can protect yourself by recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress and taking steps to reduce its harmful effects.

Healing for Emotional And Mental Issues

Healing for Emotional And Mental Issues

Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way. It’s important to learn how to recognize when your stress levels are out of control. The most dangerous thing about stress is how easily it can creep up on you. You get used to it. It starts to feels familiar even normal. You don’t notice how much it’s affecting you, even as it takes a heavy toll. The signs and symptoms of stress overload can be almost anything. Stress affects the mind, body, and behavior in many ways, and everyone experiences stress differently.

Emotional Stress Symptoms:

  • Moodiness
  • Irritability or short temper
  • Agitation, inability to relax
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Sense of loneliness and isolation
  • Depression or general unhappiness

In healing with your family members or with your colleagues by removing negative thoughts, cleaning your environment and removing stress. You can also learn how to do this …….