Chakram Healing

Each chakram is the gateway to higher consciousness. The chakrams when opened up attract great opportunities for spiritual, financial up-liftment, emotional, mental physical well-being, greater inner peace contentment, greater transformation in interpersonal relationships.

Chakram Healing

Chakram Healing

The chakrams are aligned to great Devas or higher beings. They have the ability to transform our future and bring in unseen possibilities from higher dimensions. The chakrams have to be cleaned and balanced which will bring about balance in our life.

For elimination of sufferings it is very necessary to understand the ancient art and science to align our chakrams to the soul consciousness and bring down greater Divine guidance into our life. The Soul Consciousness is the master key to eliminate all unwanted fear in our life. The Soul consciousness when brought down into the chakrams provides Divine guidance and Divine protection to ourselves and our loved ones. Each chakram has a different hidden talent which will show up once it blossoms.

  1. When the heart blossoms, the person becomes magnetic , charismatic,compassionate, understanding,tolerant and very helpful.
  2. When the Throat chakram blossoms the hidden creativity comes to light.
  3. The Solar Plexus – when it is cleaned and balanced gives courage and strength.
  4. The Ajna chakram – when it receives the Devine light , it increases the will power to do wholesome actions and still continue to one pointedly focus on goals and targets.
  5. The Naval chakram – once when it is cleaned, balanced and aligned, it acts as a centre of physical wellbeing and sense of knowing and awareness.
  6. Mooladhar or Root chakram- Once it is cleansed or rooted, it helps attract great abundance and materialised successful targets in the physical world.
  7. The Crown chakram – once it blossoms it bring down Devine intuition. The person becomes a genius.

Come experience this true world – The real world which God intended for every child. Each of the seven main chakrams governs specific aspects of our well being.

7 Chakras

7 Chakras

Human Chakram System

  • 1st chakram (Root) governs Physical Needs and Security.
  • 2nd chakram (Sacral) governs Sexuality, Emotions, and Desires.
  • 3rd chakram (Solar Plexus) governs Power.
  • 4th chakram (Heart) governs Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion.
  • 5th chakram (Throat) governs Communication.
  • 6th chakram (Brow) governs Intuition and Reasoning.
  • 7th chakram (Crown) governs Spirituality and communication with the Divine.

Imbalances or energy blocks in the chakrams are caused when there are unreleased emotions such as fear, anger or guilt causing the energy to flow less freely to and from the chakrams. The chakrams can become blocked, clogged with stagnated energy, spin irregularly or backwards or can even become distorted or torn.

Unbalanced or blocked chakrams can create a whole range of mental, emotional, and physiological conditions. Because the chakrams are interconnected, a blockage or imbalance in one part of the chakram system impacts all the other chakrams.

When the chakrams are functioning normally, each one will be open and spinning properly to metabolize the particular energies needed from the universal energy field. There are many ways to balance the chakrams and clear any energy blockages and imbalances that may exist.

The body wants to vibrate at a healthy resonance and will readily move from an out of balance state towards a healthy state when healing therapies are utilized.

Yoga Prana Vidya

Yoga Prana Vidya

Listen n Meditate

Planetary Peace Meditation (H)

Planetary Peace Meditation (E)

Forgiveness Sadhna (H)

Rhythmic Breathing (H)

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