It is in giving that you receive. As you give and share generously. You are blessed to receive it in abundance. Law of Karma is exact like Law of Gravity. No matter where you are, it is exact.

Now comes the main part. Do we actually understand What is Law of Karma? How it works?

There are so many examples like people say As you sow. So you reap. Now do we actually understand the exact meaning of these lines. If we talk in Lay man language it is saying If you do good you will get good. Now you must have come across people saying we always do good but in return we never get back what we did.

Law of Karma

Law of Karma

So for all of them here is what this soul thinks there are two kind of                       people

1- Those who did good without showing off and without expecting anything from others.

2- Those who did good just to prove people around them that they are doing good and expect favors in return.

Both are right on there part. But category 2 type of people are always seen complain things more, as compared to category 1.



So we need to understand that if we do things thinking that it is part of divine plan or thinking that we are just an instrument for doing any particular kind of work.  We can actually get answers that are we getting back what we deserve.

You can also say if you don’t want others to judge you at any point of time. You need to look inside you and ask are you being judgmental on things or on people or situations around you. How you react, how you behave and most important what you think is also part of your karma that you are generating. So try to keep a close watch on yourself if you actually want things to improve in your life. You can not have mangoes if you sow seeds for papaya.

Also law of karma has a multiplier effect so always think before you speak, because when your seeds are ready to become a tree and give you fruits. It would not give you just one fruit it would give you many.

Try  to avoid getting into gossips, because you being there in that group are also creating a karma by listening and some time unintentionally agreeing on things which are not true. So when it comes back to you don’t complain when someone does the same to you.

Do not do to others which you do not want others to do to you.