Loving kindness for all of you who are reading this please take a minute and ask yourself. for you what does these two words mean for you. Does it remind you of any person or situation when you try to understand these words.

Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness


For every person it would mean different. For a mother the love that she shower on her baby, the way she takes care of every single thing required by her baby.


Now if we try to look little more deeper and in a broad aspect it can also mean an act done by a person out of love. For example when you help someone without even knowing that person and most important without even expecting anything in return from him.




How can we practice loving kindness on daily basis and not once in a blue moon. You may try following things to maintain you peace and love for others.

  • Be polite, courteous, helpful.
  • Use nurturing/encouraging words.
  • Patiently guide others.
  • Bless people in need.
  • Be kind to yourself and your Body. Maintain your hygiene and health.