Now day’s kids believe that meditation is for old people. But in today’s environment where there is so much pressure on kids for studies and competition for success in life. To start there day with meditation is very important as this will be a good way to start there day. The meditation that we are teaching only kids above 12yrs. can do this meditation as the amount of energy that comes they will be able to handle it much better. This meditation is done only once in a week.

By doing this PEACE MEDITATION kids will be more focused and calmer. We are already doing this meditation all over and we have got very good results. Peace Meditation is a creative way to meditate and build bonds. We have noticed that some children immediately went into a relaxed state and stayed motionless for the duration of the meditation. Others fidgeted. They could not sit still and had trouble keeping their eyes closed.

The children who went deeply into meditation, and stayed, happened to be the better students. The ones who fidgeted were children whose attention span was limited and who had difficulty concentrating in the normal course of learning. The children who were having the most difficulty with their studies were improving. They were able to think processes through, which was not possible before.

Meditation for School Kids

Meditation for School Kids

Peace meditation can be used to build a child’s self-esteem. A lot of self-esteem issues are brought on when a child feels lack of control. That’s life – we can’t always control everything, but we can always control ourselves – and that is a powerful life skill to teach children!
Just as in adults, the child’s brain’s activity slows during meditation. When you listen to Omharmonics, your brain settles into a more peaceful alpha brainwave state. Stressful thoughts dissipate; the mind’s endless chatter slows; you are more open to intuition and inspiration; it’s easier to see life situations from a new perspective; and you easily absorb ideas and information.

Children learn best when they are not distracted. That can be tough in a busy classroom environment! That’s why the focus they learn during meditation helps them tune out the chatter and activity around them and soak up new ideas more easily.

Meditation has a physical benefit that will aid in learning: it physically changes the brain (for the better)! Countless scientific studies have proven that meditation increases the grey matter in the areas of the brain associated with the ‘processing speed’ of the brain is enhanced as the cerebral cortex becomes thicker through meditation!

Schools that incorporate daily meditation in a classroom setting show higher test scores and other measures of achievement; higher percentages of students who go on to college; and a classroom environment more conducive to learning. Children learn a lot in school. But what they learn in meditation may give them the best tools for life success: focus, concentration, persistence, patience, belief in oneself and one’s goals, self-awareness, self-control, and more!

Even if you took away all of the cognitive benefits, meditation is still a worthy addition to a classroom. Studies have also shown a reduction in absenteeism, aggression and misbehavior; increased self-confidence and a reduction in test anxiety and more cooperation among students.

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