Mind Power is the application of  vital energy Healing and other technologies to rapidly or instantaneously materialize what you want in the material, emotional or mental world. Mind Power Techniques means using the power of thought to manifest things in the physical plane. It is not just visualizations and affirmations if this was so everybody who can talk and visualize would have anything they want.

Mind Power

Mind Power

This course goes beyond by sharing ancient secret formulas for precipitating thoughts into physical reality. This includes never before revealed “mudras” (hand positions) and Eye Positions to accelerate the manifestation of your goals and aspiration. The course also teaches The Science of Entitlement which is a powerful technique that allows you to create the conditions that karmically entitle you to have your wishes fulfilled.

Many work hard all their lives and end up with nothing and just depend on “social insecurity.” Yet there are those who seem to have money and opportunities just fall on their laps!  Mind Power Techniques gives you the  exact formula to create abundance by actively creating good luck. When it is done properly and intelligently, good luck seems to be “chasing” after you and not you trying hard to “catch” it.

Learn principles and laws to a more prosperous and happy life and disintegrate the negative energies that obstruct your flow of prosperity, happiness and success NOW!

“It is difficult to serve on an empty stomach.” “You cannot help those who are in need if you yourself need it. The greater your resources, the greater the help you may give.” If this is your mindset, please take advantage of the opportunity to learn this technique.