Moderation & Non Excessiveness

Moderation & Non Excessiveness

Moderation and Non Excessiveness should be followed in all forms. Whether it is your personal life or professional. You should be flexible enough to flow with the required situation.

We should avoid all forms of extremes, all forms of addiction. Some people think that there is only tobacco or drug or alcohol addiction. But here this soul would like to broaden your knowledge by adding few more things under addiction

Gadgets addiction( Keeping new smart phones and laptops), Internet addiction( always on whats app or Facebook or twitter or Instagram), gaming addiction (playing games on your cell phone or laptop), Sexual addiction( watching porn), Tea or coffee addiction, Gossiping addiction, Junk food addiction ( Eating junk food like pizza , burger , cold drinks), Excessive thinking addiction, list don’t stop here. We would talk about all this in detail later.

So try to keep a close watch on yourself how are you treating your body and your soul. Don’t spoil it. Try to do everything in moderation. We are not saying don’t keep smart phone or don’t play games. But you should know when to stop. It should not be like that you are unable to stay away from the above mentioned things if not given.

  • Avoid all extremes
  • stinginess,
  • greed,
  • selfishness.
  • Avoid addiction.
  • Have a balanced life, balance spiritual and material aspects of life. 

We are going to talk in detail about above mentioned point in next page. So continue reading….