Usually a person spends his entire life complaining about his problems, pains, sufferings, failures etc. A person most of the time tries to look for faults in others rather than retrospection of self. But he does not understand the fact that success or failure is because of his own thought process.

To purify our thought, we need to first broaden ourselves with activities of compassion so as to gradually get rid of the self-centered habits.

People who have positive thoughts most of the times are peaceful, successful, joyous and happy. They are more energetic and have strong will power. They have good sound sleep and do more work in less time.

On the other hand some people are engrossed in negative thoughts related to their work, relatives, friends or even for unknown people. These negative and useless thoughts could or could not have any relevance to their present life. They could be about the past or about the insecurity of future. Those thoughts could be of suspicion or any other negative thought related to known as well as unknown people. All these negative, useless and irrelevant thoughts give no positive outcome but only waste the precious time, body and mind energy. The unnecessary thoughts also drain our positive energy, making us physically and mentally weak.

So what ever you want in life do positive affirmations like ” So happy that I have got the right job at right place rapidly and properly. Thank you God for blessing me with so much positivity in my life. So happy that I am becoming better and better in all aspects of my life. With thanks and in full faith.”

Accept what is and  do what is required to be done in present state and avoid thinking about future. If you have done what is required to be done now. Future will be taken care. So try to think positive.

Try doing meditation on your thoughts. Try to understand your thoughts. The best way to understand your self and everything around you is through meditation.

Positive Thought Process

Positive Thought Process

Meditation thus helps get rid of following problems, which has been experienced by different people like-

  1. Negative, unclear and weak thoughts.
  2. Lot of negative and unwanted impressions existing in our subconscious and unconscious mind.
  3. Weak will-power.
  4. Emotionally and mentally weak.
  5. Low understanding and thinking power.
  6. Very fearful.
  7. Always confused, lack of decision making power, suspicious nature, low confidence.
  8. Has guilty feeling & inner fight.
  9. Low productivity of working.     

Thus meditation  not only helps  us in providing positive, clear and strong thoughts, but also helps provide positive outlook in every aspect of life. Thus you become courageous and master your own life.