To keep our physical body clean it is very important to keep it ethirically clean. As we mentioned in last post.Things which are physically clean might not be ethirically clean. So we are here again with a solution for you all how to keep your body ethrically clean. Answer is to take regular salt bath/ shower.

You may use any salt like the salt that you are using in cooking your meal, normal white salt.

How to take salt bath

After you have taken bath before you rub your body with towel apply salt all over your body except your eyebrows, your hairs on scalp and if there is any cut on your body.

Salt Bath

Salt Bath

Apply salt all over your body. Leave it for a minimum duration of one minute . During this duration of 60 sec. you may imagine that the salt that is applied all over your body is absorbing all negative energy ( stress energy, anger, irritation, frustration ) from your body, aura and chakrams. (You may leave salt on your body for more than one minute also.)

As soon as you wash off the salt imagine that all negative energy is washed away from your body.


You may take salt bath minimum once in a day but whenever you feel uncomfortable please take salt bath and feel the difference.

To find actual changes take salt bath for minimum 2 weeks and than give a break of 2 days and see difference in your behavior, your state of mind, how you handle things.

To evaluate you may compare it from last 2 weeks when you were regular with your salt bath.

As taking regular salt bath will help you take care of your physical and energy body. As they both are inter-related with each other. So salt bath will help you keep calm and focused which in return will help you keep health and happy.