“Thanks to all the Healings for COVID-19. My husband has recovered very well especially when he had got typhoid along with Covid. He was getting high fever continuously, it was then I spoke to Mam and healings were started. Within in 3 days my husband started showing signs of improvement and he is much better now and on recovery mode.. Thanks Mam”

Mrs. Kapoor

Covid-19 Patient, Within 3 days of Healing

“He is much better, oxygen level 96, getting better now.”

Mr. Rajat

Covid-19 Patient, After 3 days of Healing

“Thanks!! for quick help n guidance. She is awesome, solved my martial as well as health problems.”


“I am really glad to prepare this healing reports to you. You have done really amazing work by energy transformation process to come out from all sufferings & pains.”

Monica Patial

“Thanks !!! You have a very unique and spiritual approach to teaching with so many years of knowledge and wisdom. Thank you again and I look forward to starting an advanced course with you soon.”

Mukesh Rana

“I know I wouldn’t have been able to get through the last few weeks if it weren’t for you and I’m so grateful. So thank you so much !!!”


“I was facing loneliness and anxiety during the covid isolation. Today, i am strong & confident, successfully overcoming situation”

Mr. Manoj

Covid-19 Patient, After 4 days of Healing

“When I found your contact through word-of-mouth sources, my mother was in a fairly serious condition. This has been an eye-opening experience for everyone in the family. We thank you, the Master, and the ultimate Master for this healing and revitalization. My mother owes you her life and longevity.

Needless to say, we will be in touch and our relationship will be an enduring one.”

Sanhita Marik

“Thank you so much for the change you have helped me achieve. Your open heart, intuition and finely tuned skills are a wonderful recipe for a positive outcome.”

Amrita Kapoor

“Thank you so much I’m happy, I’m content, I feel free and alive and I know myself much better. Without your help this would never have happened. I’ve enjoyed my sessions over the past 6 months”

Kaniska Sharma

“I just wanted to say “Thank You” for Friday’s session and for all that you and your gift have done for me this year. You are a true blessing.”


“He is very good. Awesome recovery. Bipap machine hat gayi … oxygen bhi hata rahe hai aaj. Ab situation maintaion karvana hai without oxygen… Ab ye karna hai aaj se. “

Mr. Kumar

Covid-19 Patient, After 3 days of Healing

“Thank you so much… extremely satisfied with healing done by you. If you are going through any trouble physical or spiritual, this is the person for you.”

JS Rana

“I came to see you late last year and found it to be the most profound experience. I raved about it for weeks. It was only one session however it was incredible how I went from feeling disassociated to being very present in my body.”

Rishabh Malhotra

“Thank you very much for my first session. I am feeling much better about myself and better in my mind. I feel better in myself. Thank you very much.”


“Benefited after healing taken. All the issues we’re facing resolved within a month and continue healing maintained the improvements.”


“Thank you for the session with you. I definitely feel that something has shifted and I feel better for it. You have done really amazing work.”


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