Today’s part is in continuation of yesterday topic with little elaboration. Thoughts Generate Karma. Many of you might have been thinking that how our thoughts generate Karma.

So to be more precise, it is like if you keep on holding to any particular thought its effects are seen clear on your action and decision. For example – If you keep on thinking negative or say bad about yourself or appearance or anything. It is clearly reflected in your action. If you think bad about yourself, your immunity start going down, you start having health issues, due to which you are sad or upset. So people around you are upset seeing you in that situation. 

By all this you have not only generated negative karma for yourself by disrespecting your body, but also by getting into this situation and being sad many people around you have also became sad, so you have multiplied that sadness.

Thoughts Generate Karma

Thoughts Generate Karma

But if you try thinking positive about yourself and taking things in positive manner it would help you to get better in all aspects of your life. 

As it is said what ever you think creates your destiny. To explain this phrase let us take an example of a mother who wants to feed her baby. But if during cooking food for the baby mother is continuously thinking that may the kid would not like the food prepared by her or may be he/she would not finish the meal. So in this case mother has already decided things in mind she is having doubt on what ever she is doing and that also with negative thoughts. So even when the kid is hungry he/she would show all tantrums and might not even finish the meal as that is what mother has already decided in mind. So what ever she was thinking is the result hoe her kid id behaving with her.

So most important thing here is we need to continuously tell our brain that we should try thinking positive. You may use the following technique to help you think positive

When ever there is a negative thought in your mind. Immediately imagine a white board in front of you put that thought on the board. Take name of God and seek help from God and your spiritual Teacher and imagine that with there help you are able to erase that particular thought from the board. Than after erasing it try to put what you wanted to happen in that particular situation and affirm that this is what is going to happen. So thinking positive you are opening doors for positive energy to come in and you are generating good karma.

Do try this technique and leave your comments.