Way to Spirituality

Way to Spirituality

Energy healing is a way to spirituality. As healing is a bridge for the soul to grow. It accelerates the soul to grow which is immortal. By practicing meditation regularly consciousness expands and your energy changes. When energy changes, people change.

As during workshop, there is more emphasis on cleaning the dirty disease energy out of your body. You explore a completely new world of energy where you learn different techniques to purify your physical and etheric body.

It is said when you help others you are helped. And you experience eminence peace inside your heart. So heart center opens up which is a way to your spiritual path. When you heal you become instrument of divine energy by which you heal others.

You become aware how to check the energy center of a person. How to diagnose the problematic area in a person etheric body. Certain energy centers are gateway to certain level of consciousness.

In fact you become more aware that if you are etherically clean you feel inner peace and stillness.  Stillness is a stepping stone towards your spiritual activities and inner peace.

Once your energy centers and you aura is cleansed from all impurities to an extent, it further brings more clarity, inner peace and even purify your inner consciousness. It help you to increase the size of your antakarna, which is a communication channel between your higher soul and you.