Why Yoga Prana ?

Yoga Prana Vidya

Yoga Prana Vidya

We need to understand the Yoga Prana Vidya teachings in simple terms and why it is important for all of us.

There was a time when we were exposed to fresh air, happiness, health and good relationship with others . With urbanization, technical advancement and economically-driven society, we have brought lot of stress, fear, restlessness and many diseases into our life and society. Many people discuss about such problems but are unaware of the solution to deal with them. In reality, these are the things which are beyond our capacity to control but we can still work on ourselves in such a way that these external negative forces shouldn’t affect us. That means problem will exist but it will not affect us.

We Are More Than the Physical Body

Our outermost layer, the physical body, is what we tend to associate with most because it’s tangible, we can see it, feel it, and therefore rationalize it. My skin is dry. My hair is getting longer. My elbow is sore.

Less tangible, but no less real, is the energy that exists within and around the physical body. In yoga prana, we call this energy prana, the vital life force that sustains life everywhere. The condition of our physical health depends on the condition of our energy body. All dirties energies or negative forces from external environment first get absorbed in our energy body which start affecting our mind, mood and thinking process. Gradually, they start manifesting in our physical body in the form of different diseases by releasing different unhealthy neuro-chemicals from our brain into blood. This is the stage where most of the diseases start manifesting in physical body. If we can prevent it at this level, we can avoid lot of disease to grow in our body.

Understanding Energy and the Prana Body

Yoga Prana Vidya Healing

Yoga Prana Vidya Healing

In our physical body, blood flows through veins, capillaries, and arteries. In our energy body, prana flows through energy pathways called nadis. Prana rides on the breath, so when we breathe in, we take in prana. When we expand the breath and improve the quality of it, we are expanding and improving the quality of this vital life force within and around us. This is exactly what yoga breathing techniques, or pranayama, are designed to do.

An important aspect of the prana body are the chakras, or energy centres. In yoga prana, we focus on the seven major chakras that exist along the line of the spine, each one connected to specific glands and organs of the physical body, as well as areas of our mind that influence our personality. It is believed by many that health and wellbeing comes when there is a balanced energy flow through each of the seven major chakras. On the flipside, when prana is prevented from flowing naturally, either becoming blocked or overactive at a certain point, it can create disharmony on both a physical and emotional level.

How Can We Help Balancing Prana ?

Ancient Yoga Prana Healing techniques can be described in following major categories:

-Daily Purification
In the purification process, we remove all these dirty energies daily from our energy body and chakras through physical exercise, breathing, forgiveness sadhna, meditation, Yoga Prana healing using different pranas and meditaions. As we clean dirty energies and negative thoughts, we open ourselves to positive influences in our life.

It includes getting divine energy using meditation, great invocation. Energizing bring fresh prana which improves our mood and health.

We can protect ourselves, family, our homes, offices, vehicles against black magic attacks, against accidents, against mental domination, against forces creating relationship and business problem etc with the help of specially programmed crystals and energy shielding methods from the ancient science of healing.

With shielding, we protect our aura or energy body so that any psychic attack or dirty energy directed toward us don’t affect our energy body. The shielding technique is very advanced, effective and rarely available to teach to general public.

When a person has energetic body, strong denser aura and shields, there is a very little chance for a person to be affected by external negative forces and negative energies.

After this, there are advanced spiritual techniques taught in Manifestation and other Spiritual courses which can improve our thinking process and help in attaining enlightenment.

Yoga Prana Vidya

Yoga Prana Vidya

Listen n Meditate

Planetary Peace Meditation (H)

Planetary Peace Meditation (E)

Forgiveness Sadhna (H)

Rhythmic Breathing (H)

Rhythmic Breathing (E)