Pitru Paksh

Pitru Paksh/ Shraadh

Pitru Paksha (Ancestral Period) is meant for paying obeisance to the dead relatives, pleasing them, asking for forgiveness, and ridding oneself of the Pitru Dosha (or the curse of ancestors).

The Pitru Paksha is an important 16-day long period in the Hindu calendar. Dedicated to service of the deceased ancestors, the Pitru Paksha is deemed inauspicious for carrying out functions like engagement (roka) or marriage (vivah) ceremonies, grihapravesh (house warming ceremony), mundan (head tonsuring ceremony of a child) etc. This Paksha (phase) is primarily meant for paying obeisance to the dead relatives, pleasing them, asking for forgiveness and ridding oneself of the Pitru Dosha (or the curse of the ancestors).

According to the Indian mythology, crows are believed to be a form of ancestors & forefathers.

Feeding the crows during the month of Shraadh which is also known as Pitru Paksha (fortnight of ancestors) fetches one protection and blessings from the Pitru Loka (world of departed ancestors)

These 16 days of this month gives us an opportunity to pay honour, respect & be grateful for everything that we have received from our forefathers.

It is the best time to atone our regards & recognition to them through prayers, rituals & performing various charitable activities like donating food, clothes & necessary items of living to the poor & needy is considered to be the best mode of invoking their blessings & getting their continuous support for our journey ahead in life.

Practicing meditations along with the chanting of mantras & planting of trees are some of the forms in which one we can offer our dedication and thanksgiving.