There have been numerous scientific studies proving that worry is an unhealthy state of mind as it causes harm to our body and clouds our mind from clear thinking. When worrying about something is prolonged it causes stress which leads to depression. As a result we will live constantly in unhappiness.

Worry is the direct result of not knowing what to do about the things we are worrying about. If we know what to do and if we are sure what we do will result in the outcome we desire, we will not have worries. This means, worry is created by the uncertainties we face in life. The cure for worry, then, is finding certainties in whatever we set out to do.

free from worries

Free Yourself  from Worries

Is it possible to be certain about what we do and get rid of worry? Since the future is only a probability, we cannot be certain about anything at all in life because anything can happen although we may have done all the right things. Anything is possible. As long as we are living in the domain of uncertainties we cannot get rid of worries completely.

However, there are ways to overcome worries. It takes the true understanding of the nature of reality or life itself and the truth is life is about changes. Positive thinking that you can do this , you can come out of the situation that is troubling you as you know the root cause of the problem. Energy flows where you focus your attention. Understand that you can choose to focus on positive rather than negative thoughts.  In fact, as you become more positive, you’ll be better able to create more positive outcomes. By learning meditation you will know how to relax your mind. Meditation helps your mind with needed breaks from all that clutter.  The practice also helps you with greater focus.  You find yourself experiencing increased clarity and less likely to worry over unnecessary things. The best way find relief from constant worrying is to learn to let go. Worrying does not bring you any closer to solving problems. In fact, it only makes it more difficult to find clarity.

You may find yourself feeling worse and worse if you are unable to stop yourself from incessant worrying.  It may be a good idea to seek counseling or to talk to someone who can help. Anxiety is very common. There is nothing to feel ashamed about when you approach for help.